#TBT – Our First Vacation | 7 Day Cruise

I will never forget it. Paul and I had been dating for just a few short months when he suggested we go on a cruise.

I’ve been on cruises; I did a 4 day cruise to Mexico on one of Carnivals smaller (cheaper) ships and a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas on an even smaller , even cheaper ship.

But this time… we decided to DO. IT. UP.

We booked an amazing, 7 Day cruise on one of Royal Caribbean’s largest cruise ships in the world. We upgraded to a balcony suite and purchased the unlimited drink package. (SO WORTH IT!)


We woke up super-duper early that morning to drive from St. Pete to Port Canaveral and after waiting in line after line, we finally bordered the Oasis of the Seas and sailed away!

Everything about the cruise was beautiful. The first and second night, it was chilly enough to keep the balcony door open and we listened to the sound of the waves and the sea all night long.

Our first stop was Nassau, Bahamas. It was a bit cold and super windy and since both of us have been, we took advantage of the empty ship. We spent our day exploring, drinking frozen mixed drinks and hopping from hot tub to hot tub. (Seriously, those views are everything!)


Our next stop was Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. What a charming little place! We took the Skyride to Paradise Point and ended up 700 ft above the town at this little restaurant where we enjoyed some tasty chicken wings and Baileys® Bushwackers (PS – You only need one!). The mountains, the people, the water, everything was just beautiful.

PicsArt_01-15-10.36.20 IMG_0340

Our last stop was Philipsburg, St. Maarten. We decided to take a bus to the Buccaneer beach where clothing was… eh… optional. We had private cabanas and complimentary rum punch. The water was gorgeous and the bus ride looked like something out of a Jurassic Park movie. By the time we reached the cruise port, we were both wiped and decided to have one last drink before sailing back home.

IMG_20170112_130620904_HDR DCIM100GOPROG0080293.

We did what every sensible cruiser does on a cruise… We ate a ridiculous amount of food, took way too many pictures, went to all the shows and relaxed by the pool. We saw the Broadway musical Cats, and what a great production that was! We did trivia and went to comedy shows. Dinner was phenomenal every single night. Honestly, I don’t know if there was ever a time when we didn’t have a fancy drink (or two) in our hands, and ya know what… that’s exactly how we wanted it.

PicsArt_01-15-08.48.4321 beebs

When people ask, “What was your favorite part of the cruise?” … I can’t speak for my handsome travel buddy, but for me, I loved being disconnected from the world. I treasure those mornings when we woke up, snuggled for way too long, walked down to “Central Park” and enjoyed bagels and lattes. In this day of social media and technology, we get into the habit of waking up and instantly checking our phones. We log on Facebook and see everyone’s updates, we open Instagram to see photos and look at Snapchat to see what happened the night before. Being without all of that for 7 days was just perfect.

IMG_20170109_090746091 IMG_20170112_073331361_HDR

This was our first vacation together, and it definitely set the bar high, but it also gave us both a taste at what’s to come in our relationship.

I just love exploring life with you babe, and I can’t wait for our next adventure!


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