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In a year of tragedy, natural disasters, and horrifying events, it has been very easy to lose track of how many blessings we have shared. It is so easy to get lost in the chaos and forget to be thankful for everyone and everything we do have. Remember, your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairy tale.

When my eyes open in the morning, the first thing I think of is him… I roll over and see him peacefully sleeping, all curled up in our super cozy bed. I stare at him for a while (creepy I know) and then I cover his arm in light little kisses, until he finally wakes up. Since Paul travels Monday through Friday most weeks, I don’t get to experience this regularly, but when I do… I make sure to take it all in (that’s what she said) and really enjoy the moment. I am so thankful for everything he does for me and our future family.

Every morning, I walk to work. On my 3 block walk, I walk by a big bus stop. There are usually 10-15 people waiting for the bus. Some going to work, some coming home from work and some having no real place to go. Every day I walk by that bus stop, I feel thankful. Thankful I don’t have to ride the bus anymore. Grateful I have a reliable car, one that I am proud of and feel safe in. Blessed, I live just 3 blocks from the place I call work – the place where I am building my career.

I work for one of the best companies in the entire world. A place people fight to get in every day. I really truly lucked out here. 4 Years ago – today, was my first day of work and I had no idea how amazing this company really was. I remember walking in and thinking… WOW. This place is like a little Wall Street. How am I going to make it in a man’s world? How am I going to survive with all of these MBA having, experienced business men? Well, I’m still here and the personal and professional growth I have made is more than I ever thought I would or could for that matter. I graduated with my Associates degree (finally), received my Series 7 & Series 66 licenses and joined a team of experienced and successful financial advisors. EVERYDAY, I am grateful to be a part of something so remarkable.

Yesterday’s Thanksgiving festivities were just perfect. I typically have 2 Thanksgiving dinners to attend. I’ll admit, in the past, I have been a little annoyed and frustrated about having to eat two dinners and split my time between two families. But WHY?! We should feel blessed to have so many people in our lives who want us to be a part of their holiday dinner. We should feel thankful that we have the resources to put two dinners on the table. Paul and I are so busy with work, school, and living our own little lives; we forget how important family is.

Last night, we really did spend Thanksgiving with our family who are our very best friends and best friends who are basically our family… Nothing is better than that.

Paul’s Mom’s old Tuna Parcel recipe
Paul’s Mom & Dad carving the bird
The best roasted carrots I’ve ever had.
My and my two handsome brothers
Me and my handsome fella
Me and my sweet little brother
Me and my Aunt Teri
Paul and his brother Chris
Such a pretty table setting
Gorgeous turkey display
Paul’s Dad’s homemade stuffing (need that recipe)
Paul’s Dad’s famous cranberry recipe (need that recipe too)
Ham & Turkey!

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