The Oldest City (St. Augustine, FL)

For some, taking a family trip means fighting, stress, and chaos. For us… it means tons of laughing, good food, and making memories.
Paul’s dad turned 65 this past week and to make him feel better about turning another year older… we decided it was time to take a small family trip to the oldest city in the US, St. Augustine, FL.
We stayed the weekend in a beautiful Airbnb with his Mom, Dad, two brothers, and sister in law. If you haven’t been to St. Augustine yet, you are seriously missing out! This beautiful town is full of history and character. Fun fact – Each year during Christmas time, St. Augustine hosts a “Night of Lights” making it one of the best holiday light displays in the country with almost 2 million lights. If you know me, you know Christmas time is my favorite time and I would live my entire life in the month of December if I could … This might also be why I am partial to this little place and may have suggested it when we all decided to go on a road trip.

Seriously though, if you haven’t made your way over yet, plan it for December so you can see all of the beautiful Christmas lights.


We spent our weekend celebrating, well… quite frankly the only way we knew how. We drank good wine, ate amazing food, made fun of each other, and laughed until our bellies hurt. WHAT AN AMAZING TIME!

I feel so unbelievably blessed to have the opportunity to make memories with the people I love so much. To be able to just stop, drop everything for a few days and live in the moment… without the stress of everyday life… without feeling rushed or inconvenienced. It was perfect.
Even though Paul and I slept on two of the worlds hardest, squeakiest twin beds… EVER… It was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long long time. On every trip I take, I like to highlight my favorite moments.
St. Augustine Highlights: Sitting around the fire talking about buying a family cabin in the mountains one day, getting ready to hit up the old town for the night, having a home cooked dinner while we made fun of Chris for putting “Easy Cheese” on his Ropa Vieja tacos (tisk tisk), playing pool with while we listened to 80’s rock music, ordering a seafood chef salad, them forgetting to add seafood, and me not realizing it until I was finished, having the best fish and chips but still wanting to eat Paul’s shrimp scampi, bourbon & rum tasting at the distillery, braiding Amanda’s hair, almost dying when I get to the top of the St. Augustine light house, playing pirates on the children’s playground, Paul thinking it was a good idea to cut the cork off of the champagne bottle with a machete, Amanda buying a heated scarf because she can never be warm enough, taking 732 family pictures but saying “okay last one” before every single one of them…. Truthfully, I could go on for days. I really am lucky to have these people in my life.












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