Goodbye 2017

Every New Years Eve, I like to remind myself of how many blessings I had throughout the year. Sometimes, especially during a year of such heartbreak, we forget how fortunate we are and how many amazing experiences we’ve shared. It’s hard to remember all of them but thankfully, I’ve captured most.


I also like to learn from my mistakes so I take, just a minute, to reflect on what went wrong, and what I could do better… For me, there really wasn’t much that went WRONG per say, but I did lose a few friends.

We keep it real here on TTT, so I’m gunna give you the good, the bad, and the ugly…

It. Hurt…. BAD

One of my very best friends cut ties with me, for reason I can’t even imagine. She uninvited me to her wedding, bachelorette party and all other related activities and didn’t give me a reason why. I spent MONTHS crying about it. MONTHS with a pit in my stomach and a knife in my heart. MONTHS racking my brain, asking myself why? Why did this happen, what did I do, why did I deserve this, why couldn’t she talk to me about it? Honestly, I spent MONTHS beating myself up over a person who didn’t care about me. I will never do this again. I am worth so much more than wasting my time on someone who just threw me away like a piece of trash, without a care in the world.

But, we learn from our experiences and grow from them.

There’s just something about the new year, that screams opportunity. 2017 was absolutely incredible… I bought a new car, passed the series 66, moved into a beautiful apartment in Downtown St. Pete, accepted a new position within the company I work for, went to New York City for the first time, saw a broadway play, saw Lady Gaga TWICE!, saw Fall Out Boy & Jason Aldean, started a kickball league, went to the food and wine festival in Epcot for the first time, spent the weekend in St. Augustine with Paul’s family, took a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean, started my bachelor’s degree, and lost 23 pounds!!! 2017 was definitely good to me.

I am just so excited for this new year. Paul and I have big plans and I am beyond happy that I get to take all of you along with us! I have so much I want to work on, professionally, in my relationship, and as a person and I am so thankful that I have a space to create and grow.

Here’s to the last day of 2017!

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