Goodbye 2017

Every New Years Eve, I like to remind myself of how many blessings I had throughout the year. Sometimes, especially during a year of such heartbreak, we forget how fortunate we are and how many amazing experiences we’ve shared. It’s hard to remember all of them but thankfully, I’ve captured most.

I also like to learn from my mistakes so I take, just a minute, to reflect on what went wrong, and what I could do better… For me, there really wasn’t much that went WRONG per say, but I did lose a few friends.

On this blog I try to be 100% transparent and REAL, so I’m gunna give you the good, the bad, and the ugly…

It. Hurt…. BAD

One of my very best friends cut ties with me, for reasons I can’t even imagine. She uninvited me to her wedding, bachelorette party and all other related activities and didn’t give me a reason why. I spent MONTHS crying about it. MONTHS with a pit in my stomach and a knife in my heart. MONTHS racking my brain, asking myself why? Why did this happen, what did I do, why did I deserve this, why couldn’t she talk to me about it? Honestly, I spent MONTHS beating myself up over a person who didn’t care about me. I will never do this again. I am worth so much more than wasting my time on someone who just threw me away like a piece of trash, without a care in the world.

But, we learn from our experiences and grow from them.

There’s just something about the new year, that screams opportunity. 2017 was absolutely incredible… I bought a new car, passed the series 66, moved into a beautiful apartment in Downtown St. Pete, accepted a new position within the company I work for, went to New York City for the first time, saw a broadway play, saw Lady Gaga TWICE!, saw Fall Out Boy & Jason Aldean, started a kickball league, went to the food and wine festival in Epcot for the first time, spent the weekend in St. Augustine with Paul’s family, took a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean, started my bachelor’s degree, and lost 23 pounds!!! 2017 was definitely good to me.

I am just so excited for this new year. Paul and I have big plans and I am beyond happy that I get to take all of you along with us! I have so much I want to work on, professionally, in my relationship, and as a person and I am so thankful that I have a space to create and grow.

Here’s to the last day of 2017!

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