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Hey there! Wow, you look like a totally new person!! Must be a new year!

Listen, I’m not going to give you that “New year, New me” bullsh*t that everyone seems to be so obsessed with. What I am going to do though, is share my goals, and let you know why I think it’s so important to make them!

But before we get into all of that, lets take a quick look at what happened last night!



I think this goes without saying, but we had an f*ing amazing time with some of our best friends!

Okay, back to goals! So I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I am always creating and tracking goals. You may think a resolution is the same as a goal but surprisingly, they are different.

A resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something” where as a goal is “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result”.

Sorry to get all technical but these things are important!!

According to Forbes, just 8% of people achieve their new years resolutions. Why do you think that is? Look, I’m no psychologist but perhaps I can shed some light. Most people fail because their resolutions aren’t specific enough and to be frank, they just aren’t realistic.

Let’s see… you want to lose 50 pounds and fit into those low rise jeans you used to wear in high school? Amiright? And you want to go to the gym at least 5 times a week and cut out all sugar?

How realistic is that?! You’ve had 2 kids, meaning your body composition has probably changed, you haven’t seen the inside of a gym or even the inside of a Sketcher ShapeUp since before Justin Bieber blessed us with his first single, and your idea of a solid breakfast is a bagel and an iced white chocolate mocha from Starbucks…


Now… will you come take a little detour with me for a minute. It wont take long and you might actually get something out of it.

If you’re looking for the key to happiness, I have a secret for you… It’s challenge and progress. Constant progress.

Think about it. If you’re playing a video game (take Super Mario Brothers for example) and you’re going through the different worlds, collecting the coins and moving on through the game. It’s pretty easy. Where is the challenge, where is the “fun”? When you throw in a Bowser at the end of each world and it takes you a shit ton of times to beat him, that’s the challenge and that’s the fun. When you finally beat him 3 or 4 days and 258 game over’s later … you feel amazing! That’s progress. That’s happiness.

I used to be OBSESSED with Tony Robbins, I still am now that I think about it. But I used to listen to him every single morning for about an hour, while I drank my coffee and checked my emails. Tony taught me this theory.

They key to happiness is to experience, on a regular basis, that your life is progressing. Let’s break that down again… The key to being happy isn’t to have a perfect life. It’s to experience, on a regular basis, that your life is progressing.

That is some of the deepest shit I’ve heard. And that has helped me in so many situations.

Goals are such an important key to this theory. But you have to be strategic about them. They HAVE to be obtainable, and if you’re new to making/setting goals, they need to be measurable.

I want to go back to the resolutions now. Setting a resolution to go to the gym at least 5 times per week isn’t the best idea if you’re just starting out. Think about it, if you only go to the gym 3 or 4 times during the week, you aren’t meeting your goal and believe it or not, it really effects your spirit when you don’t follow through with a goal you’ve set out for yourself.

So instead, maybe make a goal to get more active and then drill down to a sub-goal of take your dog for a long walk at LEAST 1 time per week or start and finish an exercise program or my favorite “start running, and keep running”

Goals are what drives me, they always have. Being able to accomplish a goal I’ve set for myself makes me feel crazy good… Even the small ones like clean the living room before I go to sleep every night or wash the makeup off my face before I go to bed. Recently, I looked at my 2017 goals and I have completed almost every single one of them!

Pretty friggin’ proud of myself.

This year, I’ve set some bigger goals, you know, since I’m about to enter into my mid-late twenties. Bleh. I’m not gunna lie, some of them are a little scary… But goals should scare you a little bit right?

So without further ado, I present to you… My 2018 Goals to becoming a Bad Ass MF


Remember there are 12 new chapters, and 365 new chances to make your life amazing!

Now go out there and set your goals for 2018!



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