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Girls Night Out | Then Vs. Now

What usually comes to mind when you hear “Girls Night”? For some of you (me) I’m sure it’s super tight dresses, ridiculously high heels, big hoop earrings, and the darkest smokey eye.

Those were the nights I LIVED for!

It was the same routine. We’d text each other all day planning outfits. It was crucial that we didn’t wear the same thing, but still looked like a unified squad. We’d all meet up on Friday night at my place, around 8 PM. Four or Five of us would jam ourselves into one bathroom to complete our two hour makeup looks. We’d take turns sharing the flat iron while we sang the newest Nicki Minaj song and complained about how fat we (thought we) were.

We’d start taking shots of whatever cheap liquor we had laying around. Typically it was a mixture of flavored Pinnacle and Crystal Light. Bleh.

After taking 500 selfies, we’d practically break our ankles stumbling to the car, and whoever was the “designated drunk driver” would take us the club.

Girl’s Night meant dancing. It meant we could twerk all night with our very best friends without judgment. It meant free drinks all night and turning down creepy old guys. It meant losing track of one or two of your friends because they wanted to sneak off with a random guy. Girl’s Night always meant getting Taco Bell on the way home and waking up with a Chalupa still in your hand and the world’s worst hangover.




Man, I haven’t been out with just the girls in, wow, probably five or six years. As crazy as it sounds, adult life gets in the way, and now my big nights out are few and far between. That, and I prefer pajamas, Netflix, and a notification from Uber Eats saying your order is on its way.

Last night five of my closest girlfriends and I went out, and let me tell you…

Shit. Has. Changed.

Firstly, everyone came over to my place after work at 6:30, sharp. They were all wearing what they wore to the office that day… pencil skirts, dress pants, adorable blouses, little baby heels. No one had a bold lip, or false eyelashes. No one had a fresh fake tan or glitter on their eyes.


A little simpler and a little classier.

We enjoyed a nice glass of wine and I gave them the tour of our new apartment. We sipped and laughed by the pool as the girls oo’d and ah’d over the view of downtown. After we finished our wine, we decided to walk to one of our favorite restaurants, The Lure. Living downtown is perfect for nights like this, since everything is within walking distance, and no one has to drive.

We all took advantage of the Tuesday night sushi special and had one or two more glasses of wine. Our conversations were great. We spoke about upcoming events, concerts, having children one day, marriage, food, the housing market, job promotions, and of course men… Honestly, is it truly a Girl’s Night if we don’t get caught up on all the sex, love, and boy drama?

If you know me, you know I struggle with keeping girlfriends. I am such a busy person (aren’t we all) and don’t usually make time to spend with them. I am also in that weird, awkward stage of my life where half of the women I know have 2 or 3 kids and the other half have a binge drinking problem. I don’t really fit in anywhere. Not a bad thing…

I am so incredibly grateful to have found these ladies. They are everything I’ve been looking for in a group of girls. Smart, sweet, fun, ambitious, friendly and so incredibly adorable.


Quick side note – I’ve always been obsessed with Sex in the City, and naturally, I always wished I had a group of girlfriends like Carrie had. I finally feel like I found (the closest thing to) that. Each one of us is COMPLETELY different, but we all fit perfectly together. Clearly, I’m Carrie in this situation… just with a little less couture and not as many shoes.

Maybe it’s just part of growing up; last night I wasn’t worried about getting that perfect candid shot for Instagram. I was more focused on making memories with my girls and making sure we all had an amazing time.

Check, and check.




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