Bandwagons I’m On & Bandwagons I Just Can’t

When you think back 10 years ago, what do you remember? I remember super thin eyebrows, spinners on every single car, Myspace surveys, hand written notes to your besties, wRiTiNg LiKe ThIs, and of course Hollister EVERYTHING.

I for one, am thrilled that those days are OVER and we are on to the newest and greatest trends. Now, I am not one to “jump on the bandwagon” but some of these trends have been bomb… like using the word bomb instead of awesome.


Goals – I am LOVING that all of a sudden, everyone is so goal oriented! As I scroll through my news feed, so many of my friends seem to have a vison of what they want out of their lives and most appear to be working towards those goals.

Women helping Women – I really hope this isn’t a trend but more of a movement to a stronger society. Women are finally starting to encourage and lift one another up, instead of trying to tear them down all the time. Of course there are still those vindictive, smile in your face and stab you in the back, throw you under the bus and sell you down the river “women”… but as always, try to avoid those people.

Netflix & Chill – Netflix is one of the best business models… like ever. I just LOVE stumbling upon a hidden gem of a series and discovering it has 7 season of never before seen GOLD! #greysanatomy ismylife

GIFS & MEMES – Yes and Yes! Honestly, what were we all doing with our lives before these things existed?

Hashtags – You know me, I love a good hashtag. #evenifitsacompletesentence

Basics – I am just loving the shift towards simplicity. After a few years of aggressive prints and patterns it’s refreshing to see we’re back to the basics.

Travelers – I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed with seeing the world. It seems like more and more are saving their money for traveling and experiences, rather than expensive electronics or materialistic junk.

Being Body Positive – Can we please just take a moment to THANK GOD that our society is (slowly, but surely) starting to recognize the beauty in a curvy girl? YAASSSS BIITTCHHH! Finally! I can speak for the curvy girl population and trust me… It raises our confidence every time we see other curvy girls posting unphotoshopped photos and drawing POSITIVE attention to “real women”. I’m sure we can all agree that there isn’t anything sexier than a confident chick with curves. Amirite?


Slang – Fleek, Lit, Turnt, Snatched, Bae, … Honestly, who the hell started speaking this was and why is this so normal?

Being a Heartless B***h – This is something I feel pretty strongly about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scrolled through social media and read someone’s post about not having a heart and not giving a f**k who cares. Why is this so common? Why is it considered “trendy” to be a savage? I blame Rihanna.

Men’s Skinny Jeans – I’m sorry, I can’t.

Man Bun – Just. No.

Viral Dares – It really is a sad day when your favorite laundry detergent brand has to send out a memo asking their customers not to consume their product.

Crazy Bad Mom Trend – This is a huge pet peeve of mine but it sends rage throughout my body when I see a mother posting embarrassing photos of their children on social media. I’m not taking about the little but up in the bathtub picture, I’m talking about the “My child just pulled off his diaper and played with his own feces” picture… We don’t like seeing it and I’m sure your child wouldn’t appreciate you putting it all over the internet. Also, I’ve clicked on numerous videos where one or two moms are in the car line complaining about Mom Life. Not cute…

Phone Obsessed – I HATE it when I’m smack dab in the middle of a conversation, and someone checks their phone. Not even between pauses but mid-sentence. I’m sure seeing that beachblondebabe53 just liked one of your Instagram pictures is pretty ground breaking stuff, but I’m sure it can wait until after I’m done speaking. Is that really so much to ask? Really?



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