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Ahh, Valentine’s Day! A day to celebrate love, romance, and friendship. What are your plans for the big day? Is it a day you look forward to, or a day you dread? When I was young, I used to LOVE V-Day. I’d spend days making a bad ass Valentine box, you know so your classmates had a place to put all of your cards and candy… Is this still a thing? It totally should be… I always went over the top for my friends, getting them balloons, stuffed animals and making them feel super special.

Fun fact – I got my first real boyfriend when I was sixteen and we were together for about nine years. He was a great guy and did everything for me, but he wasn’t the most romantic thing in the world. Honestly, I didn’t think I was romantic either, until we broke up and I started to rediscover who I really was as a person. Anyway, we’re getting a little off track and will have to save that story for another post, and trust me… it is in the works.

Fast forward to now, I’m a starry-eyed ball of mush. I finally found someone who completely consumes my heart. Although I express my love multiple times a day to him, Valentine’s Day is a day where I can be ridiculously romantic, extremely emotional, and super sappy – without judgment.

Remember, Valentine’s Day really isn’t about the gifts. I know that sounds so cliché but honestly… This day is about LOVE. So if your budget doesn’t allow for you to spend a lot of money on a Valentine’s Day gift… SO WHAT! Go home, make a card, pour your heart out, and make your person feel special.

Last year was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.


Paul sent a dozen roses to my work with a note


He handmade a card for me and wrote some of the most heartfelt words I’ve ever read. I thought about posting it, but I just can’t. Some things I actually save for myself, believe it or not.

Then, he took me to the bar where we had our first date, for a few drinks. Then for dinner, he took me to our favorite Thai restaurant where we shared our first meal. It was amazing, I cried my eyes out, and will never forget it.


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