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Ahh, Valentine’s Day! A day to celebrate love, romance, and friendship. What are your plans for the big day? Is it a day you look forward to, or a day you dread? When I was young, I used to LOVE V-Day. I’d spend days making a bad ass Valentine box, you know so your classmates had a place to put all of your cards and candy… Is this still a thing? It totally should be… I always went over the top for my friends, getting them balloons, stuffed animals and making them feel super special.

Fun fact – I got my first real boyfriend when I was sixteen and we were together for about nine years. He was a great guy and did everything for me, but he wasn’t the most romantic thing in the world. Honestly, I didn’t think I was romantic either, until we broke up and I started to rediscover who I really was as a person. Anyway, we’re getting a little off track and will have to save that story for another post, and trust me… it is in the works.

Fast forward to now, I’m a starry-eyed ball of mush. I finally found someone who completely consumes my heart. Although I express my love multiple times a day to him, Valentine’s Day is a day where I can be ridiculously romantic, extremely emotional, and super sappy – without judgment.

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE spoiling your babe, but sometimes get stuck on what to spoil them with. So here you have it, my 2018 gift guide for Valentine’s Day!

For Her

Under $30

Cozy blanket from Target – $19.99 – Every girl loves cozy blankets – it’s a fact.

Lace Romper – $29 – Guys – this piece of lingerie is super sexy but still very classy.

Essential Oil Diffuser – $19.99

Essential Oils – $16.95

Both of these items are perfect for that girl who gets stressed easily, or is go-go-go. Take it from me, when I use my diffuser, it’s like I escape from it all and instantly unwind.

Silver Dangle Earrings – $19

Silver Heart Stud Earrings – $27

Jewelry is always a good idea for Valentine’s Day! Just make sure NOT to get her a ring of any sort if you aren’t ready to propose!!! Unless you’re in high school and want to get her a promise ring (SO SWEET!)

What I Love About You Book – $10

Vouchers for Lovers – $10

These books are perfect for that sentimental, hopeless romantic. I gave Paul the “What I love about you” book last year and I’m pretty sure he shed a tear or two. Super manly tears obvi but they were tears none the less.


♥ Couples Massage – I don’t have a link for this one, but seriously, it’s a win win!


Bamboo Bathtub Caddy – $34.99 – Paul gave me this EXACT bath caddy for Christmas and I’ve used it a million times since. It’s perfect for propping up your iPad, watching your favorite chick flick, and soaking in a steamy hot bubble bath.

Plush Robe from Amazon – $40 – Most of the girls I know are obsessed with comfy cozy clothes. This robe screams pamper me!)

Too Faced – The Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette – 49.00 – I own this palette and think its adorable for V-Day!

Carolina Herrera – Good Girl Perfume – $65 – I am such a sucker for a unique perfume bottle and how sexy is the freaking bottle?! BTW the perfume itself smells AMAZING!

Kate Spade – Highland Drive Stacy Wallet – $67 (ON SALE!) – I am OBSESSED with this wallet and what doesn’t scream HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! louder than a metallic rose gold wallet from Kate Spade!? (BEEBS!! ARE YOU READING THIS?!)

High End

Rockstud Peep Toe Sandal – VALENTINO GARAVANI $1,045.00 – I can’t say enough about these shoes… Do I own them? Nope. Do I want them? FUCK YES… Me and every other woman in world. Hey, a girl can dream right? If you order them for your honey, go ½ size up!

‘Pigalle Follies’ Pointy Toe Pump – CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN $675.00 – These classic, iconic heels will make your woman feel like a queen! Order ½ size up on these too!

Blasiana Bow Pump – SCHUTZ $189.95 – A less expensive option for shoes are these adorable floppy bow stilettos.

Rose Box $299 – Every girl has seen these, and every girl has drooled over them. These roses are real roses that can last up to a year!

Engagement Ring – $$$$$$ – When you know, you know.

For Him

Under $30

Yeti Tumbler – $29.99 – Such a practical gift but everyone loves a Yeti! Get him a red one for the special occasion or get it engraved with his name! Fill it with his favorite candies and BAM!

♥ His favorite candy – $3-10


What I Love About You Book10

Vouchers for Lovers – $10

Again, these items are perfect for a classic romantic who appreciates special moments.


♥ Couples Massage – This is perfect to give a woman, or a man.

3 Months Dollar Shave Club – $55 – I put this in Paul’s Valentine’s Day box last year and he really loved it!

Sock Club Subscription – $11-$57/Month – This is for that guy who LOVES crazy socks!

Cologne – Giorgio Armani – $89 – Cologne is always a good gift! My favorite scent is Acqua di Giò by Giorgio Armani. Mmmm.

Dress Shoes! $99.95 – Most men hate shopping, especially for clothes and shoes. My man loves when I get him a nice pair of dress shoes for work.

Over $100

Fossil Watch – $115 – I just love a man with a watch. Seriously, could you be any sexier?

Wallet – Tumi $125 – Men don’t spend money on themselves like we do. We might have 32 different handbags but they typically have 1 wallet. Get them a new one! Paul loves TUMI.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses $198 – Sunglasses are always a good gift; just make sure you get a frame that will look good on his face.


Adidas NMD Runner R1 – $130 – I saw this adorable Pinterest idea for getting your man shoes. On the inside of the shoebox lid write “I am so glad you WALKED into my life. Every STEP with you is the beginning of something amazing” How freaking cute!!

High End

Watch – Tissot – $495 – This watch is bad ass!


So, I hope this helps to spark some ideas! Remember, Valentine’s Day really isn’t about the gifts. I know that sounds so cliché and I realize I just recommended buying a $1,000 pair of shoes but honestly… This day is about LOVE. So if your budget doesn’t allow for you to spend a lot of money on a Valentine’s Day gift… SO WHAT! Go home, make a card, pour your heart out, and make your person feel special.

Last year was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.


Paul sent a dozen roses to my work, inside the card it said….


He handmade a card for me and wrote some of the most heartfelt words I’ve ever read. I thought about posting it, but I just can’t. Some things I save for myself.

Then, he took me to the bar where we had our first date, for a few drinks. Then for dinner, he took me to our favorite Thai restaurant where we shared our first meal. It was amazing, I cried my eyes out, and will never forget it.



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