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The One That Got Away

Let me start by saying, Paul and I LOVE living in Downtown St. Pete, but we both knew it would be a one year deal, just to get it out of our system, and after our time is up, we’d buy a house somewhere local. We have been looking look around on Zillow once or twice a week for about 6 months now, just to get a feel for the market and what we like and don’t like. Nothing within our price range has even remotely interested us

Since Paul and I have lived in St. Pete almost our whole lives, we are very familiar with the area and know where we want and don’t want to live. We both have the same list of “must haves” and pretty much the same list of “would likes”.

Well… a little less than a month ago a house came up for sale. We called it Montana (it was on Montana Ave) and it checked every box. Paul sent it to me and asked for my thoughts. After we Ood and Ahd for a while, we decided we might want to take a look, just for fun!


We contacted a highly recommended real estate agent and he set up a showing for the very next morning.

Bright and early, I remember walking through the front door, looking at Paul and both of us saying…. THIS IS IT.

It. Was. Perfect.


Two stories, two separate garages one being oversized, a giant game room, huge master bedroom, vaulted ceilings, the biggest closet I’ve seen, lots of windows, an open kitchen a balcony, in the neighborhood we have always wanted to live in, and very affordable for us. Oh… and to top it all off, PAUL KNEW THE SELLER! It was a guy he used to play softball with back in the day!




We rushed home, jumped on the phone with a lender, got preapproved and put in an offer – all within a few short hours.

Our agent called us back and said the seller received another offer and asked if we wanted to raise ours. We agreed to raise it and quite honestly would have raised it to full asking price but… it was too late. The seller already entered into a contract with the other buyer and our house on Montana was gone. Just like that. There was nothing we could do.

What a rollercoaster of emotions.

We entered into a back-up contract, thinking something just maybe, but last week we received an email saying the inspection and appraisal went well and the buyer is going through with the purchase.


I know it was the first house we looked at, but it was PERFECT!

Everyone keeps telling us it didn’t work out for a reason and there is something better out there for us. I truly believe that, but for now. Paul and I are planning to enjoy the 7 months we have left at our beautiful apartment and when our house is ready, so will we!

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