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Ring Ring Ring

Paul and I have been talking about marriage since day one. We had to, since he wasn’t even officially divorced when we got together and I had just called off my engagement. There was a need to talk about marriage because it was a sensitive subject and I wanted to make sure we were both on the same page – for the future. I wanted him to know that I still wanted to get married one day and I needed to make sure he would remarry if it was with the right woman.

I remember both of us, sitting by the pool at my old apartment, sipping on some wine and me very awkwardly bringing it up. Paul was and has always been sweet and understanding with me. He assured me that he absolutely wanted to get married again one day and that if we were to get married he’d want me to have the wedding of my dreams. What he didn’t know at the time was that the wedding of MY dreams didn’t involve white doves and a 200 person guest list. My dream wedding would be me and my person, far away on a mountain top, spilling our hearts out to each other in what would be considered our “vows”.

Fast forward to almost two years later – We talk about “when we get married” all the time but never put any timeline or expectations on it. I know he wants the proposal to be a total and complete surprise and he knows I want it to be special, private and obviously heavily photographed.

Yesterday, Paul and I were enjoying breakfast when a friend of ours posted an engagement announcement. We both zoomed in on the 3 cart oval solitaire diamond in a beautiful micro pave setting, and while I was in complete awe, he was less impressed. We started talking about the ring he bought for his ex-wife and I told him about my old engagement ring and we realized that we were both on complete different pages when it came what we thought looked good.
One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, Paul was suggesting that we go look at some rings… TODAY!

So… We headed to the jeweler.

Long story short – I basically love every diamond I saw, except a few. I reconfirmed that I am not a fan of princess cut diamonds, and I’m not big on a halo. I love the round, oval and emerald cut diamonds. I like thin pave bands with a cathedral peek-a-boo diamond or knife edge setting.

The rest of the day, Paul was just glowing. He was smiley and cuddly and in such a good mood! We laid by the pool and recognized how big of a step that was and how amazing it felt!

It seems so crazy how just a month ago Paul and I put our first offer in on a house and now I’m trying on different engagement rings. So excited to see what the future has in store for us! I honestly don’t care when it happens, or how it happens I just know I can’t live my life without this man.

P.S. This blog post will probably be hidden until he pops the question, so if you’re reading it, guess what?


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