Demi Freakin’ Lovato

Hello & Happy Easter!!

You guys… I cannot form the words to describe the amount of fire Demi produced last night… She absolutely murdered it.

On the way to Demi!!

I’ll be honest; I’ve always been a Demi “fan” but never a die hard, ride or die, “Lovatic”. When I heard her song “Sorry Not Sorry” I just couldn’t wait for her “Tell Me You Love Me” album to drop.

She is the cutest freakin’ thing!
Clearly I was feelin’ myself after a few drinks and DJ Khalad’s set.

Every single, and I mean all 12 songs, on that album are BOMB! I’m tell you, if you even kind-of sort-of like Demi, you need to check it out ASAP.


Go. Now. Run.

When the album was released, she was all I listened to for months and months and months. I’m talking about “Cry Baby” on repeat for hours. Shout out to my boyfriend for putting up with me and my slight obsession.

Naturally, when Demi announced her tour, my good friend Amy and I decided to do it up. We bought floor tickets to her Tampa show and it was absolutely the BEST DECISION I’ve ever made. I’m totally not dramatic or anything.

That’s a bed on the other stage.

Truly though, she puts on an incredible concert and I mean c’mon how freakin’ stunning is this girl?!

Cry Baby

I’m serious… HOW IS SHE REAL?!

No Words.

DJ Khaled and Kehlani opened and they were so much fun! “WE DA BEST MUSIC!!”


Last night was a dream. I watched each video I took, no joke, probably 20-30 times now and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. Totally and completely obsessed with this woman.

Daddy Issues

Also, if you haven’t seen Demi’s YouTube Documentary “Simply Complicated” I highly suggest you watch it. You definitely develop so much respect for her and the journey she has been on. Struggling with addictions, mental illnesses, eating disorders, relationship problems, and daddy issues, Demi is an inspiration to all and I know I will remain a Lovatic for LIFE!



Tell Me You Love Me

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