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A Weekend in Orlando

These last few months have been… ugh… INSANE. With it being tax season, having finals in school, and having a ton of work events, I really can’t seem to catch my breath. Not to mention, Paul has been traveling NON-STOP for the past month. It’s really been hard, for both of us….

So, when my two best friends asked us if we wanted to spend a long weekend in Orlando for their birthday’s (they’re twins)… we just couldn’t pass it up. I mean who wouldn’t want to stay in an 8 bedroom, 5 bathroom mansion with a private movie theater, pool table, and game room?

We left on Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning. It was amazing. The girls really are the best hostesses and I’m not sure I deserve them!!

I won’t go on and on with the specifics of our weekend but I will tell you, we had the best freakin’ time. It was just what we needed, although we didn’t come back feeling too “refreshed”.

Between all of the tequila shots, Nerf gun wounds and twerk offs we definitely spent the last few days making memories we will never forget! Plus we learned a new drinking game called “TITS” has anyone heard/played it? It’s intense and lethal!

This is the NERF gun that left all of the wounds!

Next year the twins turn 30 and we’re already planning our trip to Vegas with them.

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