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Are We Buying a House?!

House 2

So… we are officially under contract for our first home!


As most of you know, Paul and I have been looking at houses on Zillow since November-ish (about 6 months now) and have been working with a realtor since Febuary (about 3 months). We definitely have quite the long list of must haves and nothing was really checking off the boxes, until Montana popped up… or as I like to call it, “the one that got away“.

This house was bomb! It was in the neighborhood Paul and I have always dreamed of living in, had two garages, a huge bonus room for parties and entertaining. The living area was upstairs, which is a huge plus since where we live is a big flood zone. It had a giant master bedroom, large second and third bedrooms. It was an open floor plan and had a balcony off the living room. It was everything. But, after a long dramatic bidding war, we lost the house.

Queue the tiny violins and the Kim K tears. No but really… I definitely cried.

So… after a few days of mourning, Paul and I decided it was best to finish the lease in our beautiful condo and enjoy the downtown life for the next 6 more months.

Until… The House on the Hill came up (that’s what we’re calling this one).

I got one of those emails titled “HOME RECOMMENDED FOR YOU!” and although we weren’t looking anymore… let’s face it, I was low key looking every day. At first glance I really liked it. As I continued clicking through the photos I really really loved it and saw so much potential. I sent the listing to Beebs and I don’t remember exactly what he said but I’m pretty sure it went like… “set up a showing for tomorrow afternoon”.

Yes Sir!

We both decided that for this house to work, it needed to be 100% what we wanted. No compromising, or settling.

When we arrived at the house, we both fell in love!

You know how people always say, when you walk into your house, you’ll l know it’s yours? Well, that is 100% how we felt. I was standing in the kitchen while Paul was in the living room talking to our realtor and I remember thinking “wow, I can see us living here for years and years”. We walked into one of the bedrooms and both of us thought it would be a perfect nursery. Everything about this house just worked for us. Did I mention it has a built in brick pizza oven out back? Yea… now you see where I am coming from.

We set up a second showing, this time with the parents, and then decided to put in an offer a few hours later.

After some negotiations, on Cinco De Mayo 2018, we were officially under contract with a June 11th closing date!! Gracias Jesús!

Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Naturally we celebrated by having margaritas and shots of tequila with our best friends!

Honestly though, we are really trying not to get too excited about this, because there are still so many variables and anything could happen between now and the middle of June but HOLY FREAKING CRAP! Is this really happening?! Am I really buying my first house before the age of 30? #goalsAF

Anyway, since it’s such a short closing (35 days to be exact), we are hustling to get all the verification sent in, paperwork signed, money wired, blood sample submitted, DNA analyzed, and everything else that comes with buying a house done ASAP! Honestly, its been super easy, even with Paul traveling Monday-Friday every week. I guess since the internet is taking over the world, doing business electronically is sort of the norm now. Thank Jesus!

We have an inspection scheduled for this Friday (May 11th) and then we’ll get it appraised.

Of course I will keep you posted but keep your fingers crossed for us! We really want this Pizza Oven House!

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