Break-Ups & Douche Bags

Good morning and happy freakin’ Friday. The tone of this post might be a bit tense, and I have no idea how well this message will be received so this is your fair warning.

I haven’t been through many breakups, but the few I have experienced really sucked. I remember in high school, my first “real” boyfriend… you know the kid I thought I would be with forever and ever… yea him…. he left me in the HS parking lot to hookup with one of my “good” friends. Fucking Douche Bag.

See, my friends are my family and my life and I would quite literally do anything for them. So when one of my best friends called me at work yesterday to tell me that her and her boyfriend broke up… My heart broke as well. It broke because #1 although I’m in a “fuck it” kind of mood today, I always believe in love and always have hope for finding your soulmate. And #2 HOW FUCKING DARE HE HURT THE ONE PERSON THAT I CAN WITHOUT A DOUBT SAY DESERVES A SOLID GOLD MAN?!

How. Dare. He.

Here’s the thing. If you aren’t ready for a relationship, that’s totally fine, don’t get into one. Plain and simple. Maybe you shouldn’t say I love you within the first month. Don’t talk about getting married or push the subject of having kids. Don’t call her children yours and call her mom, Mom. Don’t sign a lease and plan to move in with her. And most importantly, when a woman says she doesn’t want a relationship and she would prefer to NOT add a title to whatever you guys are doing, maybe you shouldn’t take a fucking wrecking ball and continue to try to break down the walls she so purposely put up over that last few years so that idiot little boys like you don’t creep in and fuck with her emotions. J

I’m so annoyed, you guys. Actually… annoyed doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings I feel. I am disgusted.

I was thinking, and this is why men think women are so damn “crazy”.

If a relationship doesn’t work, that’s fine. You both tried. Move on. But if a relationship is totally working and you BOTH are in love and you both are progressing through life, hand in hand… why throw that away for a job? Why even get involved with someone if you know damn well, you’re probably leaving in a few month/years to work in a different state. Why put someone through that heart-ache? And why fucking lie about it?

I am so lucky that I found one of the good ones, and I will tell you… they are out there.

I know my friend will move on, and find someone who treats her like the absolute goddess that she is. Until then, she has such a strong circle of friends that will get her through anything. ♥

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