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The One With A Million Problems

Hello & Good Morning!

Remember the inspection that we had on the house Paul & I are buying?! Yea well it didn’t go so smoothly and we pulled out of the deal.

The inspection was almost comical. What looked like a cute little 3 bedroom house built in 2005, was really a weekender’s DIY project for the past 13 years. Honestly, the inspector made many comments about this being the most “out of code” house he’d seen in all of his years in the biz.

I really don’t want to bore you with all of the details, but I really found it interesting that almost everything there is to inspect… failed.
The man spent 22 minutes (bless his heart) explaining what was wrong with the house, and to be honest, I wanted to pull out of the deal within the first 5.

There were just so many code violations that even if we really did want the house, we couldn’t get it insured, which means a bank wouldn’t give us a loan. I’m not really sure how the seller thought he was going to list this house and sell it “as is”.

$450 well spent.

We definitely aren’t as upset as we were when the “Montana” house fell through. I think we are more or less treating this as a business transaction until we have the keys in our hands.

Anyway, we are back on the hunt for a house to start our family in. Until then… if you see a 3/2 with a 2 car garage in the area… let us know!

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