Crazy in Love or Just Crazy

I have never been so in love. Never even came close to the way I feel about Paul. The feelings of calm and tranquility but fire and passion all at the same time. It’s almost like his heart is my very own and mine is his. Like he and I are one. One person. One thought. One soul.

But it almost upsets me since I can’t imagine that anyone else will ever experience this type of love. How could they when he is mine and I am his and there are only one of us in this world?

I read somewhere that humans originated in pairs, with one body and one soul. For some reason or another the God’s split us into two, condemning us to wander the earth in gut wrenching misery, searching for what felt missing, searching for our other half – our soul-mate.

It really is an unbelievable feeling to find that person. The one that makes you feel whole again.


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