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The Hunt Continues…


So, remember on Monday when Paul and I said we were going to hold off on the house hunting until October when our lease is up? Well, Paul called me last night…

“Babe!!! The realtor just sent us the most amazing house… Two stories, two car garage, completely upgraded, on a golf course with a pool, in Le & Jay’s neighborhood.”

Le and Jay are two of our closest friends and live in the cutest neighborhood. Paul and I have always said it would be amazing if we found a house in their area, so this really was too good to be true.

I am the one who typically gets super excited about houses and then when I send the listing to Paul, he points out all of the negatives and we end up crossing it off our wish list. Not to say Paul is a pessimistic person when it comes to houses, but his standards are defiantly high and he doesn’t see opportunity in the way that I do. I guess its all the HGTV I’ve watched over the years…

Anyway, I didn’t think it was possible, but I am more obsessed with this house than I was with Montana. We both are! And I know I say this every single time but… this house seems absolutely perfect.

I’ll get to the specs of the house in a minute but to fill you in on where we are in the process… The house hasn’t even been posted for 24 hours and Paul already got ahold of our Realtor and set up an appointment for a 6pm showing today. That’s in 1 hour and my heart is in my throat.

I know I’ve mentioned a few times already, but I have moderate-severe anxiety and it’s triggered by stress or high pressure. Last night I couldn’t sleep. Not one bit. Every time I woke up (which, let’s be honest, was every hour or two) I wanted to put an offer on the house right then and there. I am just so stressed out about this. This is probably due to the first house Paul and I felt this strongly about. It didn’t work out because we were a few minutes too late on sending in our offer letter. See, the seller already accepted a lower offer with another buyer, minutes before seeing ours and he couldn’t retract the other offer because at that point it was a legally binding contract and they both had obligations.

I’ll be honest. That crushed us. I really can’t have that happen again. So tonight, when Paul and I go see this house, if it’s really as amazing as it looks in the photos… we are putting in an offer and crossing our fingers.

Ok now onto the details.

3 Bedroom – 2.5 Bathrooms – 1,458 sqft – .25 acre lot – on a golf course – tri-level home – 2 car garage – open floor plan – new wood flooring – bedrooms upstairs – bonus room downstairs – polished concrete kitchen countertops – upgraded appliances – modern updated bathrooms – 22,000 gallon pool with upgraded pump – beautiful french doors leading to the lanai – did I mention it’s literally on a golf course?

Send all of your positive vibes please!! I have a really good feeling about this one!

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