The Hunt

Déjà Vu

Here we go again. Paul and I are under contract with the golf course house and couldn’t be happier!

When I got to the house on Friday, I pulled up and my heart instantly started racing. It was gorgeous and I hadn’t even stepped inside yet. Paul was rushing from the airport so he wasn’t quite there yet but our realtor (David’s) very large truck was parked in the driveway. I wanted so badly to wait for Paul but it was super hot outside so I let myself in.

It was amazing. Brand new floors, fresh paint and decorated like an episode of “Fixer Upper”. My eyes drew straight to the back window. The beautiful lake and the greens on the golf course just beyond the bright blue pool made such a beautiful view. I was obsessed.

David and I walked around the house looking at the upgraded this and brand new that when Paul finally showed up. I couldn’t tell then, but he was just as obsessed as I was.

We made our way through the living room. The owners had a ton of furniture making the space feel a bit crowded and cluttered. Paul and I decided that we didn’t have as much and wouldn’t have that problem. The floors were a new laminate… The kind of laminate that looks like grey weathered wood. Definitely our favorite style and what we would have chosen if we were doing the floors ourselves.

Next we entered the kitchen, which featured white cabinets, polished concrete counter tops, a huge stainless steel 4 door, French door refrigerator, and a breakfast bar fit for 3 bar stools.

This time around it felt so much different. It was almost like we already owned the house! Looking back, it’s hard to believe we were “so in love” with the other two homes we put offers on. Were we really that desperate to own a home? Did the idea of moving into a house excite us so much that we were willing to settle on what we really wanted and needed for our future family?

We went down a few steps to the bonus room; a nice sized room with a custom concrete floor that I absolutely adored. There was a lanai off the left through a pair of beautiful white french doors and a half bath off to the right. Perfect for entertaining and perfect for what we had in mind for the space.

The two car garage was next. This wasn’t pictured on the listing so we didn’t really know what to expect. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was another refrigerator but this one had a beer tap, interesting, and the garage was completely filled with the type of things families typically have. Bicycles, kayaks, sports bags, boxes of holiday decor. The garage was split in two, which Paul loved and he made mention of turning one side into a work shop and the other keeping as a garage.

So far so good. The house was amazing.

We decided to go upstairs, where we noticed there wasn’t a ton of room. The master bedroom wasn’t “small” but it certainly could have been bigger. Actually wass about the size of our bedroom now and we do just fine in it. The master bath was tiny, which honestly, is the most annoying thing about this house, but it’s updated with a beautiful white waterfall vanity, and a gorgeous shower. We’ll make due.

The second and third bedrooms were very similar, both overall decent in size with small closets. Both would be perfect for a nursery or a guest bedroom but the plan is for one of those rooms to be my personal closet/office.

The upstairs needs a little work. A fresh coat of paint on all three bedrooms, new ceiling fans, new carpet in the hallway and we’d like to refinish the hard wood floors in the bedrooms, maybe stain them in a matte grey color.

After we entered and reentered each room a few more times, we decided to go outside to see the backyard. It was bigger than it looked in the pictures and just as beautiful. The big crystal blue pool made me want to rip off all of my clothes and jump right in. Now, the owners didn’t do much in terms of landscaping and the backyard felt like it was missing something, but Paul and I knew all it needed was some pretty plants, outdoor patio furniture, a grill area and a fire pit. Then it would be PERFECT.

This house really is incredible. Unbelievably perfect for our lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t our “Dream Home” and we had to make a few compromises, but it is our FIRST home and that’s okay.

What we are obsessed with

  1. Two stories – Having the bedrooms on the second story is something we fell in love with when we had our first apartment together.
  2. Open floor plan – Although the house isn’t very big its very open and we love that about this home.
  3. The view – It has the prettiest golf course view and we are able to see it through the dining room, kitchen and the master bedroom.
  4. Location – This house is in the cutest neighborhood and just a few blocks away from our best friends.
  5. The lanai – Paul and I love entertaining and the outdoor lanai is amazing for those cooler months when we want to have dinner outside!
  6. The pool! – We talked about this a million times, when you live in Florida, having a pool is a MUST. Not only do we have a pool, but we have a very LARGE pool with a super-deep, deep end.
  7. The Florida room – Paul and I have so many plans for this room and it really is perfect for us and our lifestyle.
  8. Windows – This house has so many windows and just feels so light and airy.
  9. Two car garage – The garage is very big and is separated by a wall making one side a garage and the other a workshop. Obviously, Paul is obsessed.
  10. Garden – The previous owners (I guess technically they are still the current owners) built a raised vegetable garden on the side of the house!
  11. Updated – The entire house is completely update with new flooring, polished concrete countertops, and natural wood accents throughout, giving it a super fresh contemporary vibe.

What we wish we could change

  1. Location – I know this is in the “What we are obsessed with” category but honestly, if I could have my pick, I would live in St. Pete. I mean, I was born and raised in this city and am a St. Pete girl through and through. Seminole was our second choice though.
  2. Bedrooms – The master bedroom isn’t the biggest but our bedroom furniture will fit fine. Also, the home isn’t a split floor plan, meaning all three bedrooms are right next to one another. This is fine for now, especially when we have a baby, but as our children get older, I can see this being an issue.
  3. Bathrooms – The bathrooms aren’t that big either. The master bath is super small actually but we weren’t going to pass up on a house just because the master bathroom didn’t have a double vanity.
  4. Closets – The closets are small which is an issue for me and my addiction to clothes and shoes, but we compromised and decided I would turn one of the bedrooms into my own personal walk in closet.

We had our realtor submit an offer for us right away and we did decide to go in at above asking price. We had to make sure this house wasn’t going to slip away. Not this time.

Our offer was accepted less than 24 hours later and we are officially under contract, pending inspection, which is set for Monday. Eeeek!

Keep your fingers crossed, send prayers, positive vibes, and all that good stuff. I have a good feeling about this one.

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