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The Third Wheel


Paul and I have been together for two amazing years, and it really has been amazing. Sometimes, when I reflect back to how it all started, I think we moved relatively fast and other times I think we took our time. Either way, it was perfect. We shared one year together before he started his big time travel job. It was something we both discussed and something we both agreed would only be for a few years and would serve it’s purpose in the form of a three bedroom house, fit for a family.

Last night was the first time, in two years, where I “went out” without him. Our friends and I went to a restaurant to grab a quick bite, then to a local bar to watch the hockey game. It felt… well, I don’t know how it felt exactly. It didn’t feel wrong because we were communicating all night, texting each other sweet little things that made us smile at our phones and arguing about who loved who more… you know, real mushy gushy stuff that makes everyone hate our guts. All in all, it was a good time, but obviously it would have been better if he had been there with me. Maybe then the Lightning would have won game 7…

Paul’s job is really hard on both of us. He leaves before the sun comes up on Monday, and returns right at dinner time on Friday. He’s in a different state every week and works 12-14 hour days. We get to spend two full days together and even after 51 weeks of this weekly routine, Sunday nights are still the hardest.

One of my friends and I were talking yesterday and he was going on and on about how Paul and I have “the perfect set-up”. I hear this from many different people and it sort of annoys me a little actually. They all say the same thing. “Oh wow, that’s awesome! You get your alone time during the week and then you can have fun together on the weekends!” They call us Lucky… If you’re truly in love with someone, and I mean truly… why wouldn’t you want to spend every day with them? Why would you want to spend five days every week away from your person, sleeping in different beds, in different parts of the country? Why?

I just don’t get it.

Anyway – As always I appreciate everything Paul is doing and all the sacrifices he is making to provide us and our future family a great life.



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