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Happy Halloween from the High Seas

This year for Halloween Me, Paul and 6 of our closest friends decided to take a 5 day cruise through the Eastern Caribbean. We set sail on the Carnival Sensation and stopped at Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk.


The two months leading up to the cruise, the girls and I were killing it at the gym. Our diets were clean AF and I managed to lose 20 lbs! To say I was feelin’ myself would be an understatement. I brought tons of super tight sexy outfits to show off my sexy new bod and packed all new bikinis.

Now, if you’ve ever done a low carb diet, you know as soon as you eat those carbs again your body bloats and it bloats fast. The first few days I managed to continue to eat decent, having a salad for lunch and just meat and veggies for dinner. We even went to the gym a few times. But of course, by day 3 I was right there with the rest of them, eating bacon cheese burgers, pizza, and warm gooey chocolate cake. #NoRagrets

It was an absolute blast! 5 days was just enough time to get wasted, get through your hangover and then have a day or so to relax and eat your weight in french fries. Paul and I stayed in a junior suite and I felt boujie AF.

In Nassau, we explored the town, shopped at the straw market, visited the Queen Staircase and had lunch at Senior Frogs.

I had no idea about this place but it was fantastic. If you like bartenders pouring liquor down your throat and drunk conga lines I highly recommend it. My, Tatiana and I played a game of musical chairs where I of course, dominated and where my prize was one very large frozen margarita. It would’ve been my second giant drink and I was in no shape to drink it alone. So thankful for thirsty friends and so thankful that the boat was within walking distance.


We headed back to the ship but not before stumbling into the Tortuga Rum Cake shop and buying $40 worth of rum soaked cake. *faceplam*


Nassau – We love you.

Dinner on the ship was always super delicious. And getting dressed up every night was so much fun! We took full advantage of all the photographers and ending up purchasing most of the photos taken. We went to a few of the comedy shows, watched the newlywed game show, saw a musical and entered/ won 2nd place in the Halloween Costume Contest #SpiceGirlsRule



Day 2 was Half Moon Cay, this beautiful tiny private island in the Bahamas. We spent the day basking in the sun, walking the beach and of course taking hundreds of instagram photos. Overall, it was a pretty chill day and after Nassau we all needed it.



Grand Turk was my favorite! Honestly I’m not really sure what the island is all about but right when you get off the ship, you see it… Margaritaville. There is this amazing pool with a swim up bar and the best DJ of life so that’s where we spent the day.



At about 9:30am, Tatiana and I were drinking rum out of blender cups and living our best life. It wasn’t until 10 or 10:30 when the rest of the gang joined us and by then, Tati and I were toasted. We spent all day long drinking rum and dancing and I honestly don’t remember the last time I laughed that much.


Our cruise was fantastic and I didn’t want it to end! I am so blessed to have the friends I have and to be in a position where I can go on vacations with them. I can’t wait for our next adventure!



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