24 Hours in Boston

My plane arrived late Tuesday night, and Paul picked me up from the airport. We had been planning a trip to Boston & New York since May, when Paul got me a plane ticket for my birthday. We went straight to the hotel, I unpacked and we headed down to the bar for a few drinks. The bar was super cute, and decorated for the Christmas season. Paul had a beer on draft and I tried their Spiced Cranberry Mule which was really good and screamed I’m on vacation!


Paul had meetings Wednesday morning, so the plan was that I would explore Boston by myself until he finished up around noon. Then we would meet for lunch and go from there. Paul, of course, was very uneasy about me being alone in a new city but I figured Boston would be a great place to explore on my own. I mean everything is within walking distance, plus from what I’ve seen in the movies, Bostonians are always super nice! I mean, Mark Wahlburg is an absolute doll and he’s from Boston.

'Daddy's Home 2' UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

When Paul’s 6 AM alarm went off, the struggle was real. To be honest, I was exhausted from traveling the night before and getting to bed late but the city was calling my name and I couldn’t let the beautiful day get away from me. Early bird gets the worm, right?

Being born and raised in the sunshine state, I had no idea what cold really was. But I threw on a sweater and headed out into the 20 degree winter day. It didn’t take long for me to realize that “Boston cold” was quite different than “Florida cold” and before I knew it, I was headed back to the hotel to add a few more layers.


After I bundled up I set off to find the cutest bakery I could get to by foot. A few miles into my journey, I found this cozy little rustic place called Tatte Bakery & Café and when I saw the line stretched out the door, it was decided. The line moved pretty fast and the aroma of coffee grounds and the rows of buttery goodness confirmed my decision.

I had an apple croissant and THE BEST cappuccino I’ve ever tasted. I yearn for the day I can go back.


If you’re anything like me, when you go to a new place, you do tons and tons of research… finding all the hidden gems to make the most of your trip. I had a few places I knew I wanted to see and an excel spreadsheet that mapped it all out. I had a little over 24 hours in this city and I wanted to see it all!

I’m not sure what I expected but Boston completely blew me away. The beautiful rich red brick buildings and the cobble stone streets were something out of a movie. Everything was so historic and it might be one of my favorite places of all time.


The Boston Common was adorable. With their half frozen lake, the little duckling statues, and the view of the city, I can see why this was on the list of “Top Things to do in Boston”.



I checked out the Boston Public Garden, which really wasn’t much to see in the month of December… but if you’re looking for something to do in the spring/summer, I recommend seeing it. Honestly, by this time I was half frozen and decided it was time for a latte and a general warm up.


After I thawed out for 5 or 10 minutes I continued my adventure by walking through the shops at Faneuil Hall Marketplace and I ended up shopping there until Paul finished his meetings.

When Paul and I met up he mentioned wanting to walk to one of his all-time favorite spots for lunch, Row 34. This delicious spot was everything you’d expect from a raw bar in Boston. We feasted on lobster rolls and clam chowder (which was the single best thing my taste buds have tasted… seriously it was THAT good).


After we were forced to unbutton our pants, we walked through the Boston Common Frog Pond, where we watched the ice skaters, listened to Christmas music and had a drink at Cheers.


Cheers is one of the places you have to go, just to say you went. It’s really nothing special but it gave us a chance to warm up and wet our whistle. I’m not a beer drinker but a good Hard Cider is always so refreshing to me. I imagine it gives me the same relaxing satisfaction that a beer gives a guy who’s been working in the yard all day… Anyway, we finished our drinks and headed back to the hotel for a quick (much needed) nap.


For dinner, we headed to the North End, which apparently is famous for their Italian and seafood restaurants. #winning

Fun Fact/Popular Opinion – Boston’s Little Italy is way better than New York City’s.


I really had my heart set on the highly recommended Neptune Oyster but when I called to make a reservation, I learned they do not allow for such and was told to expect a 1-2 hour wait for a table. At this point, the sun was down and we were frozen solid so we found the best Italian restaurant (according to yelp) without a wait, Lucca. The meal was mind-blowingly delicious, made only tastier by the bottle of Malbec we ordered to go with all the pasta. We savored every bite, which is rare for us since we tend to scarf every meal as if it’s our first and last. We waddled back to the hotel and swore never to eat again, a promise we kept for a solid 12 hours until it was time for brunch. You’ll see this common theme throughout this vacation/my whole blog/my entire life. #foodieprobs


Boston was great, but seeing it with the love of my life was even better. I am so obsessed with this crazy life of mine and I am beyond blessed to be able to have these adventures.

Until next time, I LOVE YOU BOSTON!


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