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“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”

Or in my case, hacking my lungs out for all to hear.

Since I got back from New York, I’ve been a germ invested mess. Between the fever and chills, and coughing every 5 minutes, my body is absolutely exhausted. But that didn’t stop me from having possibly the best Christmas I’ve had thus far.


As most of you know by now, Christmas is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world – as it is for most. Decorating the Christmas tree and seeing the perfectly wrapped presents under it. Warm cozy blankets and holiday décor. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


It’s funny, this was mine and Paul’s third Christmas together, but it sort of felt like our first. Having a home and roots truly makes a difference. I can’t help but think… this will be the house we have our first child in. Which means, the house our child will have their first Christmas in. Tradition is so important to us, so this year, we really tried to put down the phones and live in the moment.


Having a significant other who travels for a living is hard during the holidays. There really is so much to do, see and experience and not enough time. This year I wanted to bring out my Grammy’s cookie recipes and make batches and batches. I wanted to do more in terms of decorating and hang more lights outside. I wanted to “adopt a family” to make their Christmas perfect. I planned to tie crafty little bows on all of my packages and send Christmas cards to all of my family and friends. We just didn’t have time.


There’s always next year.

This year, with the time we did have, we were busy making memories.
Last year my mom and dad did Christmas together, which was a miracle itself but this year, we decided to separate it out again. It’s just more intimate that way and plus… who doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas twice? Or in our case, three times!


Paul and I hosted Christmas Eve in our new house and it was absolutely perfect!

My mom helped me in the kitchen with the stuffing. Paul sliced the Ham. Then we feasted on some of the most incredible food we’ve prepared. GLORIOUS! From the place settings to the delicious ham and roasted parsnips. Everything was sensational and it seemed we started to make some of our own family traditions.


When my Mom and two brothers left, Paul and I decided to exchange gifts. It was so much fun of as usual, Paul went overboard and I threatened to return his gifts. Traditions, right? I really am so blessed to have this man in my life. ♥


Christmas day was great. My dad came over in the morning for brunch and by noon I was taking a nap.



We spent the rest of Christmas day/night with Paul’s family, eating more than we should have and watching old family videos. We spent the night with his parents and in the morning we enjoyed lattes and Bacon Butties (it’s a fancy English bacon sandwich)


It was perfect.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! I know we did.


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