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My Dream Beach Bach Party

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day and I am feeling super productive and extra caffeinated! For today’s post, I wanted to take you through one of the greatest weekends I have ever had. My Bachelorette Party!

To start, I have planning my bachelorette party looonnnngggg before I ever even met Paul. Partly because I was engaged once before and also because I am an obsessive planner who might have been the movie “Bridesmaids” a few too many times.

I started off wanting to do a long weekend in the Keys. It’s only an 8 hour drive from St. Pete and most of my friends had never been so I thought it would be a perfect way to make some awesome memories. I had planned to rent out this huge mansion and have a day of relaxation, a day of complete debauchery and a day of recovery. I wanted to hire a chip and dales butler to serve us drinks around the pool during the day and strip for us a night. It was a whole mess and I planned out almost every detail of it.

When Paul and I started getting serious and he proposed, everything changed for me. I truthfully didn’t want or need a bachelorette party. Hell, I barely wanted a traditional wedding…

See the thing is, when I was engage the first time (I really hate when I say that by the way), I wasn’t with the right guy at all. I was using the bachelorette party as a means to get out all of my sexual frustration and an excuse to make a whole lot of bad decisions. Luckily for me (and him), I ended that relationship before we made it to the home stretch of wedding planning and before I was able to made all of those mistakes…

This time around, I know without a shadow of doubt that I am with my person. The one who makes my soul full and my heart whole. Stay with me here, I promise this story is going somewhere.

When Paul insisted that I have a bachelorette party because “these are memories you can’t go back and repeat” I reluctantly agreed and started planning a tamer, less incoherent version of what I had planned the first time. But, when my bridesmaids caught wind of my planning they put a stop to it IMMEDIATELY! Apparently, the bride is not supposed to plan her own bachelorette party? Who knew?

The girls decided that they would throw me a surprise bachelorette party and just like that I was completely in the dark. Being the total type A that I have been for the past 29 years, and the person who is overly concerned about being a burden on someone else. I was very uncomfortable with this new plan. I didn’t want anyone to feel like they were paying too much, or doing too much, or stressing too much. It was a very hard letting go, to be honest… but boyyy am I glad I did.

Friday: On Friday evening, three of my bridesmaids picked me up and we headed down the palm tree lined streets of Clearwater Beach where the rest of the girls were waiting patiently to surprise me. When I opened the door to the suite, I was completely overwhelmed. The time, effort and money these ladies poured into planning and decorating surpassed any expectations I had.

Through thick tears in my eyes I hugged my 7 best friends, thanked them for being the best brides babes and chugged my first (of many) glasses of champagne.

The decorations were the perfect mix of cheesy and classy. The suite was covered in an appropriate amount of penis’ accompanied with white feathers, champagne bottles, and pretty little balloons to tie it all together. The welcome bags were the cutest and mine included a bride sash, a veil, a giant penis lollipop, a bride tank top, a tiara, and a ton of other naughty goodies.

I know I keep saying this, but it really was overwhelming. I’ve never had a surprise party. I’ve never had someone plan something for me. Honestly, I couldn’t stop crying.

Friday night was designed to be a lazy/chill night where we all sat around in our PJs and played games. We did “champbongs” which is like a beer bong but for classy broads. We ordered pizza and right before bed a few of us ran out to the beach to feel the wind in our hair and to spill red wine all over my new bride shirt. Meh.

Saturday: I was the first one up at 6am. I tossed and turned and finally made my way out to the balcony where I sat there waiting for the sun to come up. The weather was perfect (for me). It was 61 degrees that morning and the skies were GORGEOUS!

When a few of the others woke up, we decided to explore and search for coffee and orange juice for mimosas. The little market we found did not disappoint and my cousin and I even bought matching sweatshirts to remember the weekend!

After we drank out lattes, sipped our first mimosa and made ourselves presentable, we headed down to SHOR for some breakfast and of course… some more mimosas.

When we finished breakfast it was time to hit the beach bars and Shepherd’s was the first place on the list. It was a blast in a glass… Well bucket. Truth be told, one of my favorite past times on Clearwater Beach was getting wasted on these “fuck-it buckets”. Who doesn’t want a giant container filled with 12 different kinds of rum?

I ended up having two buckets along with a few fireball shots and a mojito before I was ready to head back to prepare for the nights activities…

After all of the girls took turns showers, blow dying, curing, and slapping on a fresh set of eyelashes, we were ready to PARTY! Dinner was at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Island Way Grill.

I was the last one to walk into this private room where all 13 of my closest girl friends were waiting for me. Everyone was dressed in black and cheering for me as I sat down. Something I didn’t realize right away was the 2 bottles of Champagne at each end of the table. Each bottle had a note attached. Congratulation, enjoy this toast from Paul.

Now, what do you think happened after I read that note? Ugly Kim Kardashian tears, that’s what happened… How did I get so lucky? How did I get so completely blessed with a man who loves me enough to make sure I get champagne drunk at my bachelorette party?! Ugh! I am seriously so obsessed with this guy.

Anyway, I ended up ordering the coconut shrimp and the drunken muscles. Yum Yum Yum! We all laughed and cheers’d and had THE BEST DINNER! I’m pretty sure I drank 2 of the 4 bottles all by myself!

After dinner everyone ubered up and headed back to Shepherds where we rotated from the club, to the tiki bar, to the live band and back to the club again. We danced, took shots and sang along with the band and by 2am our shoes were off and we were dancing in circles to all of our favorite songs.

What. A. Night.

When the crowd started to thin out, Ashley, Leah, Nikki and I (the last of the girls standing) decided it best to head back and call it a night. Or so they thought….

When I got back to the hotel, I just didn’t want the night to end. I came in HOT. I woke my friend Amy up and we headed to the beach for one last and final adventure. We sat in the sand, looking up at the stars and enjoyed the unusually cool November air.

It was then that I started to think about how surreal the weekend was. The saying “Time Flies” took on a completely new meaning. It feels like just weeks months ago that Paul looked me in the eyes, his filled with tears, and asked me to be his wife. I remember thinking, “This weekend will never happen again.” I will never have another Bachelorette party. I will never wear another “Bride To Be” sash while eating a penis shaped lollipop. And honestly, I will probably never have another girls trip with these 7 women, ever again.

Paul was right.

Truthfully, I never thought I could have an amazing weekend without Paul to share it with. Being with him and experiencing new things with him is what lights me up. But, this was something I needed. I needed to stay in a hotel room with 7 of my closest friends to really appreciate what it means to have girlfriends.

After stumbling through the sand for 20-30 minutes I somehow found myself safely back at the hotel and in my pajamas. Eyes closed, one hand in a bag of BBQ chips and the other holding a giant piece of cake. This…. This is what the end of a bachelorette party is supposed to look like.

Sunday: I woke up early again and started to clean up the mess we made the days before. I tore down the “she is becoming a wifey” sign and packed up all of the Paul heads. I popped the balloons and threw away countless empty champagne bottles. The weekend was over. My bachelorette party was an absolute dream. Something that I can honestly say would not have been as special if I would have planned it myself.

I have to give the biggest shout out to Laura, who took the lead in planning this incredible weekend for me and for making sure I would LOVE every detail. And another huge thank you to my cousin Nikki who made sure I had the BEST time, even if it meant me dragging her to the beach at 2:30am just to watch me face plant in the sand… twice. #howdidigetsandinmyear?

After we cleaned up the evidence, we decided it best to have one last brunch at a little place called “Another Broken Egg”, which btw is a Keto Breakfast Junkies heaven. I ordered the Bacquezo Omelette, a cream cheese-filled omelette with bacon, topped with garlic butter sautéed breakfast chorizo, Jack cheese and green onions.

Like I said… a keto breakfast junkies heaven. When we finished breakfast, we walked along the beach, back to the hotel and spent the last hour of our stay by the pool. It really was the prettiest weekend and I know I’ve said it many times, but I could not have planned it better myself.

And now here we are, 50 Days until I say I DO! Eeeekkk!

XO, Jacque

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