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YOU GUYS!!!!!!! I am seriously on top of the world right now! On Sunday, Paul and I completed our first EVER – Long Run!

I have to back it up a bit to explain to you where I am in my fitness journey, how I got here and where I’m going.

Now, I have been very consistent with working out and doing 40 minutes of HIIT at least 3 times a week, practically all year long. See, I used to HATE high intensity interval training. I hated jump squats and mountain climbers, and forget about doing a burpee. It was a no for me. But when I joined SPENGA I was pushed completely outside of my comfort zone (which consisted of watching youtube on the elliptical for 45 minute) and thrown to the wolves (which looked 25 bad-ass women fighting for their lives with a 15 lb weight in hand).

Right away, I gave SPENGA my absolute everything. I even won first place in the 30 in 30 challenge. That meant I was the first person to complete 30 SPENGA classes in 30 days or less. FIRST PLACE! I felt amazing! I went from avoiding breaking a sweat to leaving the studio, sopping wet. From making up excuses to planning my entire day/week around my class. SPENGA was LIFE!

It’s crazy what the mind can do when you program it right.

Now, I’m still obsessed with SPENGA and still go a few times a week, but of course I’ve moved on to a new challenge. Running.

Full disclosure, let me start by saying, I have never been a runner and to be quite honest, I’ve always looked at those people who ran everyday like they were bat-shit crazy. I had all the excuses like “I have big boobs, that’s why I can’t run”, or “people from Florida just don’t run… if I lived somewhere cooler I could probably do it too”, or “cardio is for the weak, weight-lifting is how you get a toned and sexy body”, or my personal favorite “people who run end up ‘skinny fat’ and that’s not what I’m going for”.

Ew. Who was I kidding?

For years and years I programed my brain to believe these lies and it wasn’t until I was listening to Rachel Hollis an episode of the RISE Together Podcast that my mind shifted completely.

Rachel she explained to everyone how she and her hubby got into running. She said something along the lines of “if you want to really challenge yourself and grow more mentally than you’ve ever grown before… train for a half marathon”. She went on to talk about how her and her husband, Dave went from not doing any physical activity to waking up at 5am every morning to train for a half marathon together. She said that setting goals and achieving them together was one of the best experiences and that when they crossed the finish line, hand in hand they both cried tears of joy. Rachael explained that now, anytime she is faced with something difficult, she remembers what it was like to train and how hard it was to stay focused. Remembering those moments pushes her through the hard stuff.

That is why I decided to ask/beg Paul to join me for February’s Disney Princess Half Marathon!

We started training about 3 weeks ago but like I said, last Sunday was our first “long run”. Now, I fully understand that a long run is very subjective. To someone a long run is 10 miles. To another a long run might be running to down the street to catch the bus. I get it… we are all at completely different fitness levels. But for me… someone who only ever ran 1 mile straight 3 times in their life. Someone who just started running 3 weeks ago… someone who HATES running so much she’d rather play in rush hour traffic than run on a Sunday morning… a 5 mile run, is a long freaking run.

Seriously though, I did wake up pumped as hell. I drank my energy drink and ate my protein bar. I laced up my shoes, stretched and put on my headphones only to realize that they were dead. Then, I looked down at my apple watch and realized that it too was dead. Thinking about running 5 miles outside without music or a podcast to entertain me took the wind right out of my sails. I was so close to saying “screw it” and trying the run the next day but something sort of spoke to me.

This was it.

If not now, when?

I didn’t need to run with music, I needed to run with my own thoughts. I needed to hear the sound of my breath as I gasped for air at mile 2. I needed to hear the sounds of my tennis shoes on the pavement as I slowed down to catch my breath for the 37th time. I needed to hear my heart race as I finished the fourth mile and ran straight into my 5th. And most of all, I needed to hear all of that self-doubt I have been whispering to myself… every day…. for as long as I can remember.

Forgetting to charge my headphones was a blessing. It allowed me to give myself a pep talk when I felt like quitting. One of the things I kept thinking was “who do I think I am? How do I expect to run 13.1 miles when I can barely make it a half a mile without stopping?” I remember repeating to myself “If it was easy, everyone would do it” and “You aren’t doing this because it’s fun, you are doing to because it’s uncomfortable and growth happens when you are outside of your comfort zone”.

You guys. I finished 5 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes. I cannot explain to you how happy I am. I cannot believe I finished and didn’t give up!

So, the running plan goes as follows…. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are our short runs (3-5 miles depending on how far in the program we are) and Sunday is our long run (5-13 miles again depending where we are in the program).

I should also add that Paul absolutely crushed it and ran 5 miles in 54 minutes!! So proud of him!

There is so much more to this journey that I can’t wait to share, but for now I will leave it at this and will update every Monday with my progress.

XO – Jacque

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