My Wintery Bridal Shower

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect bridal shower thrown by my (almost) mother-in-law, Denise. She and my mom really pulled out all the stops and I am still grinning ear to ear and still so overwhelmed with love!

The shower was held at my house. It’s something I really insisted on since I am huge on memories and sentiment. My mom came over early to help set up the decorations and help with whatever needed to be done.

Denise, made most of the food and provided literally all of the tables, chairs, plates, flatware, serving dishes, trays, champagne, and basically everything….

Everything was perfect.

Something I always wanted was a Christmas themed wedding but when it came down to it, I just didn’t have the -you know what- to actually do it. But… a cozy, white, Christmas themed bridal shower… oh I could definitely get behind that.

For a while, I knew Denise wanted to plan a shower for me. And after some convincing, she took the wheel and I helped where I could.

For our Christmas tree, I decided to decorate it with all white ornaments and the morning on the shower my mom did a veil on top. It was stunning and it really ”wow”ed everyone, including myself!

The menu was insane! It included a spiral ham, biscuits with siracha honey butter, Denise’s secret sausage rolls, chicken salad croissants, my mom’s famous deviled eggs, my future sister-in-law’s pasta salad, spinach quiche cups, fruit with a peanut butter ricotta dip, chicken and waffles, and glazed donuts.


Denise also set up a gorgeous mimosa bar with different juices and berries and of course bubbly champagne.

The cake was from my favorite bakery, Chantilly’s. We ordered a rum cake with Nutella filling and decided to go with the naked design. Everyone was obsessed!

We played 3 games. Guess the Dress (where everyone drew what they thought my wedding dress looks like), How Old Was The Bride to Be? (where people guessed my age in 6 different photos throughout my childhood), and Who Knows The Bride Best? We laughed and laughed and really had the best time.

My absolute favorite detail was the bridal wreath Denise made for me and hung on the front door. It was so girly and Christmassy. Pure Perfection and I am refusing to take it down.

Another surprise was the customized recipe box Denise had designed with my soon to be new last name.

When she sent out the invitations, she included a recipe card so everyone could contribute to my new family cookbook. That was seriously the sweetest thing I have ever seen. She really is the best mother in law I could ask for.

Still smitten with this day and still cannot understand how I got this blessed!

Now, 33 days until the wedding!

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