About Me ♥

Hi! I’m Jacque

Hello and welcome to my safe place! My name is Jacque and I might be the hottest mess you’ve ever met. Not really, but kinda. I’m a Florida girl (born and raised) so I naturally, I love palm trees, sunshine and all things involving a cute swimsuit and a big hat.

I am over the top passionate about everything I do. I’m either 100% in or nothing at all. I love live music, cooking, interior design, writing, photography, videography, traveling, fashion, makeup, and anything visually appealing. Sometimes when I get back from a trip, I turn manic, staying up all night editing the footage I shot from the time spent away, until it is perfect and represents exactly how I felt while being there.  

I’m also a Gemini and let me tell you, I completely embody the “double personality” persona. One day i’m super girly with a full face of makeup, hair curled and heels as high as my standards… and then a week goes by where I dont wear a drop of foundation and my idea of a cute outfit includes my nikes and a baseball cap. But this is me. All versions included.  

I am not sure what this blog is going to become, but It’s meant to be a reflection of my truest self. Maybe to you, it’s a travel blog, or a lifestyle blog or something entirely different… I just hope to inspire people, spread some love, but most importantly, make sure that you know it’s okay to be yourself and that you are never ever alone.

Enjoy! ♥