About Me


Hi! I’m Jacque (ja-ck-ie) and I am addicted to good wine and pretty clothes. Not really, but kinda. I’m a Florida girl (born and raised) so I love palm trees, sunshine and all things involving a cute swimsuit.

I consider myself a curvy girl and it’s really taken me a long time to “find myself”. Now that I have, I am embracing everything that I am and everything I have to offer.

I’m also a Gemini meaning I embody the “double personality” persona. One day minute, I am this adorably sweet, passionate, cry at the sight of an elderly couple holding hands, girl. And the next I am a fucking boss… throwing the F bomb all over the place, listening to my gangsta rap and being the bad bitch that I am. But this is me.

This blog is meant to be a reflection of my truest self. Maybe to you, it’s a travel blog, or a lifestyle blog or something entirely different… I just hope to inspire people, spread some love, and most importantly, make sure that you know, you are never ever alone.