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Are We Buying a House?!

So... we are officially under contract for our first home! Eeeek! As most of you know, Paul and I have been looking at houses on Zillow since November-ish (about 6 months now) and have been working with a realtor since Febuary (about 3 months). We definitely have quite the long list of must haves and… Continue reading Are We Buying a House?!

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Girls Night Out | Then Vs. Now

What usually comes to mind when you hear “Girls Night”? For some of you (me) I'm sure it's super tight dresses, ridiculously high heels, big hoop earrings, and the darkest smokey eye. Those were the nights I LIVED for! It was the same routine. We'd text each other all day planning outfits. It was crucial… Continue reading Girls Night Out | Then Vs. Now


Back to School | When You’re Old(er)

Well, yesterday was the end to a glorious (much needed) one month break from school. I’m not sure I mentioned this yet, but I’m finishing my degree in finance. Being almost 28 (ugh, I’m getting old) and still in college is, well, strange. On one hand, I’m extremely proud of myself for facing my fears… Continue reading Back to School | When You’re Old(er)