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RIP Kate Spade | Depression & Anxiety

I’ve struggled with depression for well, as long as I can remember. It doesn't happen every day but when it does, the overwhelming darkness that seeps through to my core is something I can’t describe. Depression for me, isn’t crying my eyes out in my bedroom because the girls at work decided to throw me… Continue reading RIP Kate Spade | Depression & Anxiety


Bandwagons I’m On & Bandwagons I Just Can’t

When you think back 10 years ago, what do you remember? I remember super thin eyebrows, spinners on every single car, Myspace surveys, hand written notes to your besties, wRiTiNg LiKe ThIs, and of course Hollister EVERYTHING. I for one, am thrilled that those days are OVER and we are on to the newest and greatest trends.… Continue reading Bandwagons I’m On & Bandwagons I Just Can’t