Bandwagons I’m On & Bandwagons I Just Can’t

When you think back 10 years ago, what do you remember? I remember super thin eyebrows, spinners on every single car, Myspace surveys, hand written notes to your besties, wRiTiNg LiKe ThIs, and of course Hollister EVERYTHING. I for one, am thrilled that those days are OVER and we are on to the newest and greatest trends.… Continue reading Bandwagons I’m On & Bandwagons I Just Can’t

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Bizarre Things Couples Do

Let’s face it, dating sucks. Seriously, who on earth really enjoys a first date? It’s awkward as hell trying to make eye contact, stressing out as you try to keep an empty conversation going. What do I order? I’m starving and craving pasta… but I should probably order a salad. Is he into me? Am… Continue reading Bizarre Things Couples Do