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Hi babes! When someone I follow is losing weight and getting healthy, I instantly want to know how! So I thought I’d put together a page where we go through the journey together!

Diet – I am following a low carb/high protein/moderate fat diet. Some refer to this way of eating as the ketogenic (KETO) diet but most people who follow it eat high fat. I do not. I find that I feel better inside when I eat fat moderately and don’t overdo it. Let me know if you want more of a breakdown on the diet, or if you’d like the scientific research that proves this way of eating WORKS!)

My macros are Protein: 130g    Fat: 80g    Carbs: 21g    Calories: 1,324


I started this diet, mid October and in 6 weeks, I lost 23 lbs. I went from 222 pounds to 199 pounds. I felt amazing, was never hungry and had so much energy. After about a month, I started having a “cheat” meal once a week andwas still losing an average of 1 – 2 lbs per week. My clothes were literally falling off and I didn’t exercise once.

I took 2 months off for December and January and gained 10 lbs. I know most of you are thinking “that’s what happens when you go from low carb to a normal diet” but that’s not what happened in my case. I honestly stuffed my face with as much chocolate, cookies, burgers, fries and everything else I could find for two months straight.


My Orange Theory studio is having an 8 week weight loss challenge and it starts today (January 29th 2018). You have to take at least 3 (1 hour long) OTF classes a week to stay in the challenge, buy in is $25 and winner gets $1,000.  I can totally win this thing. I just have to stay disciplined and keep my eye on the prize.


Weight Loss Challenge Stats!

Starting Date: 01/29/2018    Starting Weight: 209.0    Height: 5’8″