Weight Loss

Hi babes! When someone I follow is losing weight and getting healthy, I instantly want to know how! So I thought I’d put together a page detailing it out for you.

I’m not sure how I’m going to do it quite yet but what I’m thinking is that I’ll have a overview of the diet / exercise program I am on, then I’ll add a daily/weekly update on how I’m feeling and the struggles/rewards that go along with it.

Basically, I am following a low carb/high protein/moderate fat diet. Some refer to this way of eating as the ketogenic diet but most people who follow it eat high fat. I do not. I find that I feel better inside when I eat fat moderately and don’t overdo it. Let me know if you want more of a breakdown on the diet, or if you’d like the scientific research that proves this way of eating WORKS!)

My macros are Protein: 130g    Fat: 80g    Carbs: 21g    Calories: 1,324

I started this diet, mid October and in 2 months, lost 23 lbs. I felt amazing, was never hungry and had so much energy. After about a month, I started having a cheat meal every week. I was losing an average of 1 – 2 lbs per week and my clothes were literally falling off.

I took 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years and gained 10 lbs. I know most of you are thinking “that’s what happens when you go from low carb to a normal diet” but that’s not what happened in my case. I literally stuffed my face with as much chocolate, cookies, burgers, fries and everything else I could find for two weeks straight.

Now that the holidays are over, I’m back at it and adding Orange Theory Fitness classes to the mix. I plan on attending class at least 4 times a week in the beginning and see how I do with being on such a low carb diet. WISH ME LUCK!!

Starting Date: 10/16/2017    Starting Weight: 222.0    Height: 5’8″   Current Weight: 204.8

Tuesday, 1/2/18 – Happy New Year, today I weight in at 210.0. I’m not very happy about this because 2 weeks ago I was 199.8. I know most of it is water weight and I will lose it super quick but this sucks bro… Anyway, starting today was hard, especially with a 6am Orange Theory class and being tempted by all the leftover holiday treats. So many cookies!!! And I was craving… BAD. But I had some egg cups and turkey sausage for breakfast, a roast beef unwhich from Jimmy Johns for lunch, a piece of string cheese and some peanuts for a little snack, and an italian stuffed chicken breast for dinner. I drank tons of water and had 2 coffees throughout the day. It wasn’t the easiest day, but it will get better. I trust the process.

Wednesday, 1/3/18 – Well, I woke up today at 204.8… That’s a 5.2 lb weight loss in 24 hours! Damn, even I’m f*ing amazed. Although most (if not all) of it was water weight, I definitely feel better already. But I’m super hungry all the time. I did end up (against my own will) going to Orange Theory and I’m super duper sore! I looking forward to not feeling this way within the next few days.

Wednesday, 1/5/18 – I woke up this morning at 203.8 That would be another lb lost. Hooolllaaaa. Ew. Sorry about that. So the cravings are completely gone and I even turned down sushi at work, cookies, and curry at our favorite English/Indian restaurant. Yesterday I went to Orange Theory and crushed my workout, but today…. I am feeling that sh*t. Bad.

Progress Pictures to follow (Paul and I are taking them Saturday, 1/6/18